Thursday, November 26, 2015

What's next?

It'll be December in a few days.  I just got so surprised by how 2015 just few past.  I feel like I haven't done much, and at the same time, I've done too much.  My days are such extremes lately.  Some days, mostly weekdays, I don't get to interact much with people face-to-face.  All the important humans to me are out of reach during the day, so we communicate through texts, calls, viber, whatsapp, FB, iMessage, email and FT.  But despite all of that communication tools, sometimes I feel that I haven't really communicated with someone.  Face-to-face is still the way to go.

On some days though, there's just too much to do - work is neck deep and errands are just piling up.  My to-do lists are longer than the traffic on EDSA.  I love it when I tick things off.  That's done.  Yay!

When I celebrated my 15th work anniversary, I vowed to start planning for retirement at 20 years.  I've recently celebrated my 17th year and I'm nowhere near any retirement plan.  I been having sleepless nights about it. I sometimes catch myself looking at a distance and thinking about that retirement.  I know that I can't be a full time housewife, I would end up watching TV all day!  I know that I would still want to "work", but I can't go back to a 9-6 Monday-Friday work schedule.  So the only option is to open a business, but what will it be?  I have absolutely no idea!  It scares me shitless too.  I'd be 41 when I retire, still at a productive age, but with no apparent prospects.  It's like graduating from college all over again.

So, really, what's next?

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