Friday, April 08, 2016

Onward and forward!

I've been anxious about crossing a fork in my career path lately.  And lately here is almost a year.  It's a mixture of my son turning 10, not having another baby, raising dogs instead (boy, they are as tiring as babies!), retirement looming (20 years at work is retirement) and well, getting old.  Or as millenials call it, getting #tandercats Ha!

I really was thinking of retiring in a couple of years.  Live off my pension fund and be a full time wife and Mom, to my son's dismay.  He did so express this openly, afraid that I'd be hovering 24-hours a day.  He's been trying to act independently since turning 10 and having had circumcision.

And then my husband said he was really surprised why I considered retirement.  I thought he knew I was dead serious.  And he thought I was just dreaming.  Aloud.  A lot too.

So anyways.  After that jolt, I reassessed.  I thought, hey, I do want to retire in 2 years.  5 years if I enjoyed what I'll do.  I'm thinking of moving out of my current role and do the full time work again.  I tried to send out my resume, although I was picky and it narrowed down my options.  I got an interview for a role at a semi-start up.  I went through 3 sets of interviews, but I think they found my asking salary too high.

I've spent a week at home and my son's home too as it's summer break.  I find that I really cannot imagine working full time again.  I've always been curious about online work.  They say the pay will not be as much as I'm used to initially.  But it will get better.  I think I can manage that.

Or I could go into a business.  I'm not sure what yet, but that's also another option.  I have about 2-3 years to think and plan and revise.  I feel like a fresh grad again, with few options.  But then look at me now, 18 years into the corporate world and waiting for retirement.  It can get better.  So yes, onward and forward we go!  As Buzz Lightyear says, To Infinity and Beyond!  

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