Monday, January 17, 2005

4 dates in a day

I had a busy Saturday. Four dates lined up in just one day. Imagine? First, I met up with my cousin Ate Y before lunch. She had coffee and we updated each other on what's been happening. I haven't seen her for two weeks.

And then I had lunch with friend M, at a fav place. It was good lunch, with lots of chika and tsismis from the table behind us. Apparently, the girl had a boyfriend other than the guy she was with. Juicy, huh? Heard her talking to her boyfriend on the phone while she was waiting for the guy she was on a date with. Well.

Anyhoo, then I met up with cousin K and we went to a saloon to get our eyelashes permed. Its so cute! We're so pretty! =) K's boyfriend C was just waiting the whole time. The last time I had a my eyelashes permed was about a year and a half ago and it only took about an hour. Last Saturday, it lasted for about 2 hours. Wonder if I've grown more eyelashes.

To cap the day off, I met friend K to help her shop for our HK trip in Feb. After about a dozen shops, 6 sweaters, 1 pair of pants and a super fab dress, we called it a day.

I liked my Saturday dates. They're so much fun and well, girlie. But I also miss the old school date, with a guy or a boyfriend. For now though, I'm ok with my Saturday dates. Actually am looking forward to more of those.

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