Sunday, January 23, 2005

React ka dyan?!

I guess the reason I like Andres Bonifacio better is because he was known more for being the reactionary leader, rather than being the thinker or planner. He was true to himself really, things were not going right, so he needed to do something about it. People are like that. Just like in science (was that physics? hehe), for every action there is a reaction.

I was raised to say something, anything really, when I had an idea. Being an only child for 11 years, my parents raised me more like their friend than their kid, so I was involved in every discussion there was. That trait I was able to bring to school, college and work.

Just last December, I moved desks. I am now sitting with my fellow managers, Solty, Michelle and Jan. All four of us are good friends, and we work really well together since we always respect what the other does. So moving deaks was a delight really, easier to discuss things since we are literally an arm's length away from each other.

But most important is that I learn things from them. I hope they learn things from me too, like, ummm.... stuff, you know..... =)

Solty is the mother-hen, she's so organized and doesn't seem to complain much. Michelle doesn't react much, that's what I truly admire about her. Jan is..... THE ROCK! She's the epitome of editing. hehehe.

I, on the other hand, react to every action, reaction, counter-reaction. Walking time bomb. I talked to Kai, my boss, about that. I said I wanted to be more in control of my reactions. I needed to, basically, learn to not react. In other words, be "deadma".

Ewww. Its hard pala not to react. As in. I mean, I've been stressed out the whole month and the other day, on a particularly stressful day, I had a very difficult contact on the phone for 30 mins. She was so rude, I was tempted not to do process her deals... but of course, I can't do that. After the call, if that was just about 2 months ago, I'd be cursing her, grumpy and crying. But with all my might, I controlled my reaction. I still cursed her, only for a bit though. Almost cried. Generally an A-ok reaction. Hay. First test.

I am sure that I'd have more tests. But I hope the resolve to "not react" won't disappear. I'm mature, I'm woman. I can deadma you for all I care. Oh yeah!

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