Thursday, January 13, 2005

Second wind

The past few days have been terribly busy to say the least. I never remembered having been this busy in January. Anyhow, so I've been staying late in the office. Grouchy and grumbling normally but funny and sarcastic mostly. I'd be up and perky at 4pm til about 8pm. Then I'd be a walking zombie from 8pm to about 10pm. And then I'd be on second wind after 10. I'd be more alert, ideas keep propping up and I'd be totally focused. Its like I've been given a new perspective at things.

I wish every experience has second wind. You know, like falling in love again after several guys and numerous heartaches. Or having a new crush after 10 years of being with just one person. Or having free use of both hands after 7 days of bandage. Or getting a foot spa at the end of a day-long walkathon. Or finally shedding the baby fat when you're 27.

Gosh, how I long for a second wind! Especially in relationships. Oh well. Don't mind my ramblings, its caffeine enduced and sleep deprived. As an officemate would say, Ta!

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Anonymous said...

enduced? it's spelled with an i