Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The good, the great and the trying

Marriage is certainly not a bed of roses. I’ve been married almost 4 years now and everyday is still a new beginning. There are good days, great days & trying days.

Good days are when you are happily contented with each other. Good days mean just sitting beside each other, minding your own way, loving each other, giving each other back rubs, foot massages and exchanging ideas. Good days make you feel good about your husband, and just by looking at him, you instantly remember why you feel in love. Good days are understanding each other faults, accepting them, nourishing each other’s thoughts. Good days are laughing about silly things, enjoying each other’s sense of humor, embracing each other’s differences.

Great days are when you make love any chance you can get :) Great days are spent enveloped in love, when nothing you say or do can dampen the mood. Great days are when you love his family and he loves yours too. Great days are when you are both in agreement. Great days are when you don’t need to say anything to be heard. Great days are days of endless laughter, crying from too much laughing. Great days are making your own traditions, or inheriting great traditions. Great days make you fall in love all over again. Great days give you more reasons why you love him.

And then there are trying days. You try to put yourself in his shoes, and see things from his side. You try to remember that anger will not get your point across. You try to remember what the point was. You try to keep your patience when it too difficult to hear him. You try to say that it’s not the battle, it’s the war. You try to think that you love this man, and you try to make it work.

Take marriage a day at a time. Not everyday is the same. There are moods and emotions involved. There are highs and lows. So you just go with the flow, as they say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Right.


Kaith said...

i love this entry! i always tell my friends who are getting married that marriage is not an easy task - that it takes all of one's energy, understanding, patience, consideration and yes, love, to make it work.

Girlash said...

Di ba? It's not easy at all... thank God for the wisdom of the old. And love to keep things together.