Friday, February 13, 2009

Where is your playground?

Being in HK used to give me a high. Even with 10 million meetings the whole day and taking the crowded MTR to dash to the meetings, I would still be up for shopping and sight seeing the following night. One time, I had to purchase another luggage coz I just had too much shopping! haha So the following trips, I remember to always bring a just-in-case bag. The bag usually had a case to be used for! hahaha

HK was my playground. I loved the shopping, the pulse of the city, seeing people rush to work or out of work. I loved how fashion is so funky. I loved how no one cared if you're eating alone and there are actually a lot of people who eat alone. I loved looking at couples, young or old, totally into each other. The older ones still holding hands :)

Last year was a really fun trip. It was the first time I travelled to HK with Mom. She's a government employee in the Philippines, so she doesn't have an opportunity to travel overseas much. If and when she travels locally for work, she'd always find herself accomodated in these cheap hotels or pension houses. So it was a treat for her to stay in a really nice hotel, she enjoyed the wonderfully soft pillows, the big nice bath robe, the great food. Plus she finally believed me when I said my colleagues are nice hehe!

This year though, I found myself in a different HK. Maybe also because I'm missing my boys every single minute. But also because I realized that HK no longer gives me same high. On the career side, speaking face to face to clients is still very enriching. The insights and the knowledge that I get is still great.

Shopping for me isn't as exciting anymore. Plus I feel guilty if I shop for non-essentials when I hear of people losing their jobs both back home and even among my clients.

Come to think of it, maybe HK has changed too... but the one who changed more is me. HK is no longer my playground. My playground is home. Where my boys are. Where my loved ones are. And where I will hurry home to on Sunday.

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Kaith said...

im here car. :) is this an old blog? i have a lot of catching up to do! :)
i'll link this one ha. thanks.