Thursday, February 19, 2009

My boy's 3 and happy

This little one turned 3 last Feb 4th. It was a Wednesday and he had classes that day, so we trooped to his class bringing Filipino spaghetti (the sweet one), chicken lollipops, Lightning McQueen birthday cake, party hats and favors. He enjoyed it a bit, but wasn't feeling too well. He did muster enough air to blow out his birthday candle.

Isn't he sweet? Sometimes I still get delightfully shocked of the things he does and says. One time I asked him to throw a paper to the garbage bin while we were both watching TV. He said "Sorry Mom, I'm watching TV". Wadda say to that? :D He's grown so fast!

Being a Mommy, I used to sing to him to lull him to sleep. He doesn't need my singing anymore, but likes me to read him a story at bed time. Recently, I was suffering from migraine and was resting inside the bedroom. He came in looking for me, and told him I was "yayay" (meaning I'm sick) and so I asked that he sing to me and sang "Happy Birthday, Dumbo" to me :)

He answers "Mahal kita" when I tell him I love him. When hubs and I go out without him, he tells us "Kyan cried" when we get home. He refuses to talk to me when I'm away travelling. He sings "ABC" and "Twinkle twinkle" in a heart beat. He hugs a lot when he's happy, but still likes to box or kick when angry.

He's always going to be my little boy. I still pray the same prayer when I was pregnant with him. Every morning I pray that God bless and keep him safe at all times. Every night I pray that he grow up to be a good person, loving, caring, respectful, smart, kind and helpful. Today at lunch, I told him that he should eat on his own since he's already 3, he reminded me that "Kyan is a small boy Mommy". And I glance at him and indeed, he's still a small boy.

Happy 3rd birthday little bugoy! Mommy will love you always, always.


Mai.Mai said...

Hi.. thank you for visiting my site.. I am honored.



Kaith said...

gosh, belated happy birthday to ur little boy. the first time i tried to read this entry, everything was just blank. blogspot problems cguro. i can relate to some of his antics because raf also says, "mommy, raf cried earlier katong nag work pa ka."

i wish him good health always, lots of love and happiness, and overflowing ice cream! hahaha.