Friday, October 02, 2009

Another Super Typhoon

We're still reeling from last week's Ondoy and now we have another Super Typhoon coming, locally named Pepeng. I fervently hope and pray it doesn't hit land much, if at all. We need to recover from the destruction of Ondoy. We need to make sure we're ready for any emergencies.

I have a couple of officemates who were flooded. They lost a lot of things at home. Someone even almost lost a loved one. It's weird though coz when I talk to them and ask how I could help, they would say they didn't need anything. I guess it's not easy to ask for help. We officemates are pooling up our donations so we can give to them, just a little to help them tide over this tragedy.

I didn't bother going to work today, I want to be home if and when the typhoon hits land. And I'm trying to prepare for things we would need. Stocking up on food and water, first aid kit, medicines, batteries, flash light, candles. We need to be prepared. All the time.

Let's just continue praying for the typhoon not to hit land, and not cause a lot of destruction. Stay home if you can, it's still the safest place.

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