Thursday, July 22, 2010

Basyang's surprise

Again we were surprised with Basyang.  According to Pag-Asa, Laguna was just going to get hit with Signal 2.  But when night feel on Tuesday, the winds were crazy howling.  I couldn't sleep!  The electricity went out at around 11pm.  Feel asleep at around 12am.  When I woke up at 4am, the winds were still howling like hyenas.

Early the next morning, we saw the full effect of Basyang.  We didn't have electricity and water.  Good thing our village was prepared, the maintenance guys already cut most of the hanging tree branches.  On the way to the hubs office, we saw fallen trees and leaves everywhere.  It was very chaotic and unsafe. 

Though the weather improved later in the day, we still didn't have electricity and I had to go out by 10am since I had a call and needed to submit a report.  Dragging my little one and my sister, I first went to Starbucks, thinking they probably have wifi still since they have a generator.  But they didn't, although I was still able to charge my Blackberry and make the 10am call haha  3 days after, I realized I left my charger there and when I went back, no one surrendered it.  Too bad :(

On to my wifi quest.  I remembered back in December, when I needed to submit another report, I stayed the whole day in SM Cagayan de Oro.  Their wifi is fast, free and available everywhere!  I ended up working in a coffee shop in SM Sta Rosa, while my little one played endlessly in Tom's World with my sister in tow.

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