Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tamad Tuesday

Today seemed to have dragged on.  I'm so tamad to work!  But I couldn't work from home coz I've got 2 conference calls to attend.  One's done, but I still got a 7:30pm one.  Drat.

So since it's Tamad Tuesday, I'm going to do my 10 grateful list:

1.  I have an amazing God.  Who listens to our hearts desires :)
2.  Our dream to own our own home is very close to becoming real.  Please help us pray for this.  Thanks!
3.  I've a great family.  Hubs knows who I am and a son who's super smart :D
4.  Found money in my ped.  See for yourself

5.  Free coffee from the office pantry.
6.  Being able to watch What Happens in Vegas from my desk (don't tell my boss!) haha!
7.  Loot bag for my little one
8.  Having Tamad Tuesdays :P
9.  Car pool service is launched.  Got to the office hassle free and gusot free! haha
10.  The fact that it's almost 4pm and I should be heading home in about 4.5 hours

Hope you had a better Tuesday than I! :)

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