Monday, July 26, 2010

While PNoy was preparing

We had to run a very important errand this morning, so the hubs and I took a day off from work today.  SLEX traffic was horrible, due to a traffic accident on the Skyway.  The drive from our home to Makati took more than 2 hours.  We were already on the road from 6:30am, and got to Makati at 9am. 

After doing our (very) important errand, we decided to celebrate a bit by having a great lunch.  Cafe Mediterranean is a great lunch, so off we go.

This has been my favorite since early '90s

Hot sauce and garlic sauce combo

Hummus with pita bread - a wonderful appetizer

Chicken Kebab was the hubs' lunch

And my favorite - Mousakka! :)

We got home in time for Pnoy's SONA.  As my son clarified, a SONA is a message of the president.  It surely was.  I loved Pnoy's message!  Let's pray that we all could do our part.


Toni said...

I LOVE Cafe Med! I love their Shawarma AND their Moroccan Fish Fillet! Then I get couscous all the time with that meal. And their garlic sauce! Yum. For dessert we always get the chocolate panna cotta. Delish! I haven't tried their Mousakka yet. I'll do that next time!

Girlash said...

I haven't tried their Moroccan Fish Filet... I'll try that naman next time :)