Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Organizing woes

We're renting a house which sits on a small lot, so of course, our house is quite small.  It's just really enough for me, my hubby, our son, our two yayas and one additional person.  Right now, that additional person is my sister who stays with us while she's in college.

Anyhow, I'm constantly faced with "kalat" and I'm always itching to organize our stuff.  Shoes should stay on the shoe rack.  Un-used bags should hang somewhere we can see them.  Tupperwares and other stuff should be inside the cupboards.  Pensils, pens, crayons should stay in one place.  Toys should be kept when no one's playing with them.  "Everything should have a place". 

So keep looking for ways to organize.  Shelves.  Boxes.  Racks.  Plastic containers.

When I first went to Ikea, I felt I was in organizing heaven.  Everything was fabulously in place.  Oh, to have that kind of life!  To have a house where everything is where it should be.

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