Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chickun Lunch Smack Down

Back in Cagayan de Oro, we have the yummiest lechon manok - there was Coron-Coron, Dear Manok (and my Tita would always say Love, Liza hehe), The Barn, Sr Pedro, among others.  For a time, my hubby and I were thinking of setting up a lechon manok business here in Laguna.  But had to postpone coz we couldn't decide on which one.

Andoks - half chicken
Anyhoo, so my officemates and I got to talking about how yummy lechon manoks are.  Of course we couldn't agree which one is the yummiest.  The Luzon folks have their Baliwag and Andoks.  The new entrant to this is Chooks-to-go.  I actually love Chooks-to-go, so I was assigned to bring it to our "Chickun Lunch Smack Down" LOL 
Baliwag - whole chicken

The "Chickun Lunch Smack Down" was scheduled on a Friday.  Thursday night, I asked the hubs to buy me Chooks-to-go at the nearby Rustan's Supermarket.  It was 7pm, but they didn't have any available chicken anymore.  So after the hubs picked me up, we went to a Chooks-to-go take out counter, but at 8pm, they didn't have any stocks too.  I decided to just buy the next day, before going to the office.  The Chooks-to-go guy told me that they'll be open at 9am and will have cooked chicken at that time.

Sr Pedro - Whole chicken

The next day, I stopped by the same Chooks-to-go store at around 10:15am, but they still don't have any chicken cooked!  Moral of the story: don't count on the chicken before they are cooked :D  And another moral of the story:  Chooks-to-go need to improve their inventory and store hours.  Seriously.

We still had our "Chickun Lunch Smack Down".  I just grabbed a lechon manok from the Sr Pedro stall, beside Chooks-to-go.  My officemates brought Baliwag and Andoks.  To this day though, no one wants to say which lechon manok is the yummiest hehe  But in terms of pricing, Sr Pedro is the winner at P189 for a whole chicken.  Andoks was priced at P150 for half a chicken.  Baliwag was priced at around P300 for a whole chicken.  So who's the winner now? haha

*Pictures taken by my boss.  Yes, the event was co-sponsored by the management :D


Shutterfairy said...

waahhhh hungry.

Kaith said...

Hahaha. Na-amuse ko sa Chicken Lunch Smack Down! I should say Sr. Pedro's lechon manok is really yummers. Haven't tried Chooks yet but maybe I will one of these days.

Girlash said...

@Shutterfairy - Maka-hungry lagi ni nga entry...hehe Go grab your lechon manok na! :)

@Kaith - We're planning on another smack down actually... pero what to bring is still in discussion hehe