Monday, March 28, 2011


There are a lot of changes at work.  My boss' boss has left, as well another team mate in S. Korea.  For a day or two, I felt lost somehow and scared.  What if I happened to me too?  But I had managed to shake it off, life still has to move on, I knew. 

But then it hit home.  And it hit home oh so closely.  My very dear friend, one I drank with, smoked with (yes I was a smoker for a time but am now smoke free for 6 years!), ate with, partied with, hanged out with and shared my life with, is leaving the company.  She told me over the phone, 3 days after being told, so she was by then, quite calm.  I was the one crying.  I felt like it won't be the same anymore.  And I knew it won't be. 

For sure, the friendship will be there forever.  But we won't be seeing each other much.  No more quick chat over coffee.  I won't be able to pick up the phone and share the latest office gossip (hey, that's part of networking too! :D).  No more short messages over email or our messaging system.

I'll so miss her.  I just know it.  She has the juicest kwentos and the heartiest laughter at work.  We have been the unstoppable duo ever since 1999.  We always had each other backs', ready to defend each other and fend off preys.  No one can top that.


 I'm pretty sure I can move on, but for now, allow me to wallow in this misery. 

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