Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't bring a toy to school

We have the same smile no? :)

Conversation with my little boy last night:

Mommy: When you go to big school, and then a little boy will get your toy. What will you do?

Little boy: Who’s the little boy Mom? What’s his name?

Mommy: Let’s say his name is Jay.

Little boy: The toy have my name*, it’s mine. But I will share with him.
*right now, he marks all his toys with his name.

Mommy: But what if he says it’s his na. He won’t return it to you. What will do you?

Little boy: Why will he not return it to me?

Mommy: Because he likes to take other kids’ toy.

Little boy: That’s not nice! I will tell teacher.

Mommy: But what if teacher is not there.

Little boy: Why will teacher be not there?

Mommy: Maybe she went home na?

Little boy: But teacher don’t go home before us.

Mommy: Ok, maybe teacher is in the bathroom.

Little boy: I don’t like the little boy.

Mommy: Ok. What will you do?

Little boy: I will not bring a toy to school na lang Mommy.

So there it is :D

Every pre-school Mom’s fear is your child gets bullied in big school. My son’s an only child so every kid he meets, he treats them as playmates. Sometimes he meets a bully or a kid who takes advantage of my son’s friendliness. I hate to see that happen but it does happen, specially when we’re at a new place or at a kids’ party. I try to teach him how to handle bullies or kids who take advantage of him. I rather that I witness it happening so I can then teach how to deal with the situation.

Our little one will be in big school this coming June, I hope I’ve prepared him enough to fight off bullies. From last night’s conversation, it looks like we still have a long way to go. But at least we’ve taken a step towards that direction.

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Shutterfairy said...

I fear the same.. my boys getting bullied in school. I won't know how to react..

You have a smart little boy..