Saturday, June 30, 2012

Staycation at B Hotel

I and the little one enjoying our day "out", rather "in"
Last weekend, tired from well, life in general and work in particular, Hubby suddenly surprised me with a proposal to stay at a hotel. We initially planned for Tagaytay. Coz really, who can ever be wrong with Tagaytay. But I couldn't get a reservation at Taal Vista.

So I searched for hotels in nearby Alabang and found one - B Hotel. It's also owned and operated by the same group at Bellevue. And surprise, they had a rainy day promo. For just P4k, you get a standard room and P5.5k (thereabout), you get a pent house. Difference between the two aside from size is a tub. So we went with the pent house. And oh it was lovely! The place was large, clean, new and smelled heavenly. The bed was large, more than enough room for two adults and a little rascal.

He had two of these lovely bubble baths during our stay
We stayed in the whole weekend. Just relaxing, watching tv - which they had 2, one for the common area and one in the bedroom. We had dinner delivered, coz we were really into staying in. The next day, we slept in and only woke in time for the buffet breakfast. The breakfast food though wasn't spectacular as I expected. Although the champorado was heavenly.

It was an awesome vacation, all in all. It also boils down to the people you're with. And well, the hotel you stay at too.

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