Saturday, June 02, 2012

Empty Nest?

School's about to start in our side of the world. My son will be in grade 1 in a week. And he will be having lunch at school, every weekday. That's five days a week. For the next 12 years. Whoa!

I'm beginning to feel a bit sad about this not-eating-lunch-at-home set-up. I've arranged to work as much as I can at home and have been used to eating lunch with my boy. But now that he's not going to have lunch at home, should I still work from home?

Looks like mommy's having a separation anxiety. While my little one was so excited yesterday when we toured his new school and he saw his cafeteria. He asked if he can carry his tray and if he can eat with classmates.

I know, I've got to let go. But not yet. Not until summer is really over and he starts back at school. And that's still 10 days away.

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