Tuesday, June 05, 2012

From Cartoon Network to Basketball

As summer rolled in, we enrolled our little boy for a summer basketball clinic.  It's not a school based program but it's being done in my son's previous school.  Their program combines basic basketball skills thru drills and application of the skills thru a real game, they even had a tournament half way through the clinic.

He's one of the youngest in the clinic, and one of the most involved.  If before the clinic, he liked basketball, right now, he's crazy about basketball.  Crazy enough that he no longer watches as much Cartoon Network, but shifts to NBA :D

The little boy isn't the best of the players... yet :P But he's learned a lot and he's become more active.  He's made new friends and basketball has taught him teamwork, discipline and following rules.  I'm sure this won't be the last summer clinic he'll join, in fact, he's interested to join throughout the school year.  I'm a bit hesitant though since he'll be starting in a new school and he'll be Grade 1.  We can look it up again next summer.

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