Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The 6 UNIMPORTANT Things That Make Me Happy

I adore tags! :) Thanks Kaith for tagging me :)

now the rules say:
Mention the person who tagged you
List 6 unimportant things that make you happy
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1. Food for hot summer days
First on the list is green mango, with either ginamos (bagoong for Tagalogs) or toyo and suka with salt! My mouth is watering now! LOL Second would be boiled saging with again ginamos! Yum! Recently, I've been loving singkamas dipped in suka with salt. As I write, I have singkamas cooling in ref, ready to be devoured in a few mins :D

2. Ukay-ukay
I grew up hearing my Mom and her friends talk about Ukay-Ukay but I never really learned and loved the art (talagang ginawang art no? LOL) until about 5 years ago. I was living with my cousin then in Makati and she was a major Ukay girl. She brought me to the Ukay areas of Libertad in Manila. I haven't gone Ukay shopping in the past year, but I am rearing to go. An officemate mentioned Olivares area in Tagaytay for Ukay shopping. Something to do in the long weekend perhaps? :)

3. Pedicures :)
I guess it's a girl thing. I realized Kaith also has this in her list. I don't go for manicures though coz I easily chip off the nail polish. But pedicures I simply simply adore.

4. Doing the laundry
Can a chore make you happy? In my case, yes! I love washing clothes, I like the idea that you have a goal, to clean your clothes, you have the tools prepared and you can control the outcome of the activity. Oc-oc? hahaha! And the sound of water soothes me. I realized that washing clothes makes me happy when I was living alone, and single. I was looking forward to Saturday mornings, to wash clothes :) Seriously :)

5. Reading a really good book
Books just bring you to places you don't have to exert effort or spend money. Reading gives me this really natural high after I finish a really good book.

6. Accessories, accessories, accessories!
I swear earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, cocktail rings, brooches, belts, bags, head band just makes me really, really, really, really happy. I'm the ultimate accessories girl, if you go to my dresser more than half of it are accessories. So if you want to buy something for me, buy me an accessory. I will love you forever! hahaha

So, I'm tagging Sarge, Chitgoks, Hubs (?) :D

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