Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are they kidding me?!

I've been watching TV on the side today and saw a couple of "infomercials" of Philippine senators. Alright of Mar Roxas and Manny Villar. Com'on! Do they really think that Filipinos are THAT brainless? Those are totally electioneering. And Manny Villar used his own funds to bring OFWs back? Hello?!

There's a public school I passed by the other day. And the gate was full of banners by politicians congratulating graduates. Absolutely every inch had a tarpaulin, from an SK kagawad, Barangay kagawad to a congressman. If that is not electioneering, I don't know what is.

This is really irratating me. That's why every Filipino with a mind and hopes to see improvement here should vote. I've been voting since I was 15 for the SK elections and I will always vote. Other skeptics would say 1 vote will not matter, but it actually does. So seriously. Please do vote next year.

And seriously? Politicians should just stop kidding us. Seriously.

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