Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter slow down

It's almost 5pm and the little one is still taking his siesta. We're yaya and maid-less since yesterday, so a lot of bonding time with my boys.... and lots of work for me too. :D

We initially planned to go swimming today, after our 10am Sunday mass. After the mass, which we heard from lawn of the church, amidst the grass, the trees and the wind, we had lunch at Mocha Blends. The food was fine, but a bit pricey considering it was just the 3 of us. We headed home, planning to just take a short nap and then hopefully take a dip at the pool club house afterwards.

At home, it was too hot not to turn on the aircon. I figured we didn't spend a dime this Holy Week, having not gone on an out of town trip, so aircon is a justifiable expense hehehe Right.

This is a different way of spending the Holy Week. When I was single, I'd be dying if I don't spend the Holy Week at the beach. Be it at home in Cagayan de Oro, in Camiguin, in Medina, in Puerto Galera, in Boracay, in Zambales, in Subic. That was the Holy Week for me. Sea, sand, sun. With a drink in hand, always with a drink in hand :) Mix alcohol with the beach, what do you get? LOL

I remember that Rico Yan died on a Holy Week, I was vacationing with my family in Camiguin then. That Easter Sunday, we spent it at a hotel with my cousins. We were all swimming on the hotel's pool when Claudine Barretto was interviewed. My cousins were (I think still are! haha) chismis fanatics, so they all went up to the room to watch the interview. I also followed coz I was the only one left. While the interview was on going, the pool got deserted. Pool vs chismis? Chismis wins! LOL

When I was way younger, Holy Week in Salay, my Mom's hometown, meant praying and heading to church beginning Palm Sunday. Way of the Cross on Friday dawn. Then eating seafood galore. We'd have Biko or Suman. We should have been fasting but we'd have too many food at home. My Mom, I think, fears starvation LOL Sunday, I would be an angel at the Salubong. Been an angel til I was 13. Eeeewwwww. Haha! Easter means picnic at the beach, from sun-up to sun-down.

Our Easter now is spent differently. Just right now, I was writing memories of Easter of years ago, I got a bit nostalgic. Holy Week is very different when you're down in the provinces, or even just out of the city. It's spent differently here in Laguna, specially in our new, young community. It kinda feels like any other Sunday, so you need to get reminded that God has risen.

Happy Easter all!

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