Monday, April 13, 2009

Mall rats, we are not

We're not a mall-going family. Which means we hardly visit the mall - for shopping, watching movies, eat out or doing grocery shopping. Not that we don't do any of those, we just don't do it in a mall. I do my shopping in shops around Makati or in Paseo de Sta Rosa. We watch movies in our own home, where we can pause the movie any time. We eat out at restaurants outside the mall, near our home or in Tagaytay. We do our groceries at the Rustan's Fresh.

We realized about a year ago that you can do all these things outside of the mall. So we shifted our minds and behavior, and we continue doing so. That decision wasn't born out of anything dramatic, we just don't like the mall crowd resulting in long lines, period. And hubs and I got tired of malls, when we were both single, we were practically camping out at malls (well, at least I was hehe).

We still go to malls once in a while. Maybe once a month or so. And when we do, the little one gets so excited. The other week, while we were on our way, he just suddenly blurted out "I'm so happy!". When asked why, he answered coz "We're going to SM!". Haha!

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