Monday, June 22, 2009

What a journey it has been!

As Leah Salonga sang.... My journey is definitely not worth singing about though.

Last Wednesday was a really bad traffic day in SLEX. I left Sta Rosa at 6:30am, exactly the same time I leave on a week day. With the Skyway's contruction on going to extend it to Alabang, traffic has been terrible. But extremely so on that Wednesday. I arrived in the office at 9:15. A good 2 hours and 45 hours travel time. I could have been in HK or Singapore if I left on airplane.

Today, I took the day off. Just because I felt like bumming around the house :)

Tomorrow is indeed another day and I'm bracing for another long trip. But am looking forward to a great burger dinner careof Brother's Burger's 10th anniversary :)

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