Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vacation quotes

  • We finally had a vacation last week of May. My parents and sisters came to visit for a whole week. The Manila Ocean Park was our first stop, then we went to see Mall of Asia and then off to Baguio for about 3 days, we spent the Hubs' birthday there. We then stayed in a Makati hotel for 3 days, 2 nights.

    It was always great to spend time with family. We talked about so many things. And came to know the following:
  • My second sister gets very cranky when she's hungry! haha

  • My son does really have a great memory! He can remember road signs and can now definitely read :)
  • My Mom is getting old. But she likes to take vacations still, while she still can move about

  • My youngest sister can be spoiled but she can be kind too. And she adores my son to bits.

  • My hubs didn't grow up to have his family spend time like we do... and he's slowly liking the way we bond

and oh, got a few quotes from our mini vacation:

  • My son said this while spelling the wrapper of my crackers: "R-E-B-I-S-C-O, crackers!" Nice try little bugoy :D

  • We were discussing Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston and why Brad Pitt choose Angelina. I turned to the hubs and asked him who he would pick. He said "Carina" (that's me) which he got a "Cheesy" from my sisters :P

  • My youngest sister asked my other sister what do the people from Pampanga call themselves, to which my other sister without batting an eyelash answered "Pampangasians!"

  • Again, my second sister said that the rice from a restaurant we just ate at was like "NPA rice"

  • My son says this when he takes our picture "Look at me, smile!" quite like the grow up

I wish our vacation was longer. Hubs and I had to drag ourselves to work the following Tuesday, we actually had to take Monday off. Now we are back to reality, back to work. Until the next vacation in August :)

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