Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Make or break

I'm super glad I worked from home today, well, I've worked from home since Monday. But I'm more glad I worked from home today. There was a rally along Ayala and Paseo de Roxas in Makati and as with any rally, traffic would be gruesome. I totally get what they're rallying for or against, I did attend a couple of rallies back in the day when I was single. In fact, I would gladly join the march if I wasn't married and didn't have a son. I just didn't like the traffic it'll cause.

I did go to EDSA II for most nights of the revolution. Every night after work, I'd meet up with my housemates and we'd go to EDSA, to rally. The atmosphere was charged and the people's energy was contagious. Maki-baka! I did feel like I made a difference somehow.

Ironic that the President we now have and some are protesting against is the same one we put in place during EDSA II. I wonder now if we really did the right thing then. The lesser of two evils was the logic then. In hindsight, is she really the lesser of two evils?

I pray each night that our country will come of this politicking and emerge to become a better nation. We do have the right resources, we just need the right management.

I was able to catch the ANZ special on the Presidentiables. The first part where it was held at the Ateneo. I've never been impressed with Mar Roxas, more so now with his pending union with Korina. It's too orchestrated to be real. I also am not impressed with Villar. He could be a great example of some making it big, but to be President? I don't think so. With Cheese, I was impressed early on. He's young and well spoken. I always believed that someone who can speak well has a great mind. But lately, I'm not so impressed...I just wasn't swayed with his statements, too simple to be believable. I also like Teodoro, but I don't like the way he's using his current position and came up with Infomercial. I never liked Loren Legarda and I still won't think about voting her to be the next President. For now, Gordon is my man.I also willing to listen to the platform of Binay and Bayani Fernando. The thing though with Bayani Fernando is he needs to learn to present his thoughts better. Looking at Marikina, I do think he's a great administrator, but he needs to learn to communicate better.

Let's think hard about our next president. It's make or break for our nation.

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