Saturday, June 27, 2009

The corner office

Not the one with the view. I wish!

I have this little corner at our spare room which is my home office. I do my monthly budget there, write out checks, pay bills online, do my scrapbooking and well, do my online stuff. For the past year, it's been chaos with a capital C. The past weekend, I got the nesting itch, so spent a whole night organizing. And below is the result!
I got our albums and the little boy's progress chart stacked properly, have my boxes used. I got
those boxes from Ikea in Singapore last year. I adore boxes and I'll write about that in another post.

I got a tin can to put all my pens and my stapler in place. And I also finally put up my cork board for the bills or notes. My laptop is inside the bag, under the computer table. I feel like I am good at this :D My little corner office is now organized.... now on to the next project :)

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