Sunday, July 19, 2009

Migration Thoughts

I've toyed with the idea of migrating. Back when I was single and almost bored with Pinas. Also when I had just gotten married. But the hubs loves Pinas and convinced me that it's worth staying for. So stay put we did.

Last Friday night though, I again thought of packing all our bags and migrating. And the trigger? The what Philippine government is doing. Or what it's not doing. I worked from home last Friday so was able to catch the prime time news and the following really ticked me:

1. GMA not signing the Cheaper Medicine Bill. That bill has been sitting on GMA's lap for more than 100 days, I think. She has yet to sign it, citing that she's giving the Pharmaceutical companies chance to bring down their prices, on their own. Let's say the drug companies do lower the prices now, but for long? Other countries do not have such exorbitant medicine prices, why can't we have the same? Take India for example, their medicines are uber cheap and now they are already exporting their medicines.

Who is GMA kidding? I bet something happened in the "meetings" between MalcaƱang and the Pharmaceutical companies. Simply ridiculous.

2. The Big oil players vs 1 lone player. Where in the world have we seen the government siding with the big oil players who refuse to reduce prices? Even to the point of castigating the one who plans to reduce their prices. I tell you, super UNBELIEVABLE.

Who wouldn't dream of migrating after seeing these in the news right? I just pray that the Filipino voting public gets more educated about the people they vote for. Let's do our share and keep out all the trapos from getting a government seat. It's for our future.

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