Monday, July 06, 2009

In these trying times

We need to be smart about spending these days. So spend on items you need, save up for the wants. Also spend on something you'll get returns or rebates. Like I always carry rewards cards of SM, Rustan's, Mercury Drug, National Bookstore, Coffee Bean. I wish Starbucks had a rewards card. I recently got myself a Gerry's Grill card. With the above card, you earn points everytime you present it upon purchase. Accumulate the points and you get cash discounts. I simply love it, you get points for your loyalty.

For airlines, I have the PAL card, the Cathay Pacific Frequent Flyer Card and Singapore Airlines card. I got great discounts from the PAL card. I got a spa treatment and make up set from Cathay. And I got an upgrade with Sing Air. See, cards are really neat! :) Question? Does Cebu Pacific had a frequent flyer card?

Now I've been a Smart user, I have a Smart cell and subscribe (still do) to Smarbro. They have Rewards system as well. Although it's just a small amount, it'll surely help.

And I pay my bills online and found out that BPI gives you points when you pay online. You get freebies from Chowking. Cool huh?


Kaith said...

i have sm, rustans, national bookstore and mercury drug. :) i don't have the patience to apply man gud and sometimes, you have to purchase a minimum amount before u can get the card in some establishments. but you're right, in these trying times, these cards are helpful especially if the points you can accumulate would enable you to purchase stuff in the future.

Girlash said...

Truly! Imagine the other month, I was able to buy a whole week's grocery from my Rustan's Fresh card? Cool kaayo :)