Thursday, July 09, 2009

When 3-year olds watch a movie

Last night, we brought the little to watch Ice Age 3 at a theather. It was his 2nd time to watch in a cinema, the first was mother's day last year and we watched Iron Man. He wasn't too aware yet of what was happening then, so he wasn't excited. This time though, he's already fully aware of his sorroundings and that he's going to SM so he was bouncing off the walls with so much anticipation hehe!

We got popcorn and juice for snacks and settled down on our seats. For 10 minutes. Then he began rocking his seat, he seemed to enjoy that it can be folded. He sat with me for awhile. Sat with his dad too. Leaned on the seat in front of us, good thing no one sat there. Put up his feet on the head rest in front of my seat. Said he was going to "wiwi" twice, but didn't. That was the whole Ice Age 3 :)

But that's all good. After the movie, he did say he had fun and he wants to watch a movie again at the cinema. And we spent time as a family :)


Kaith said...

we brought raf to watch transformers because he is such a fan. 15 minutes into the movie, he fell asleep. hahaha. he didn't nap man gud before we went out.

im glad your little bugoy loved ice age. :)

Girlash said...

Haha! Ka-cute ba sa natulog oi.. My little one still doesn't understand transformers, so didn't watch it with him. Bring Raf to watch Ice Age, I think he'll like it.