Friday, September 24, 2010

Asian Hospital's Female Clinic

Tropical island or what?
Last month, I had my annual routine female check-up.  I went to my OB Gyne and she ordered series of ultrasounds for me.  I'm all right, so worry not dear lone reader.  Anyway, this is really not about my health but about the spanking female clinic at Asian Hospital.

In 2009, I had my ultrasound exams at the typical hospital room.  While waiting for my turn, I sat on a typical chair in a typical beige hall.

It was a surprise when I was told that the ultrasound is done at another floor and this scene greeted me:
Waiting area (sorry, blurry pic, this was taken using a camera phone)
The waiting area was huge and clean and totally so hotel-like.  The ceiling was of palm trees and they had couches!  Not chairs, but couches!  So awesome.

Relaxed while waiting


Kaith said...

wow! i wish hospitals here would also upgrade their "ambiance." however, i don't think i'd be too keen on paying a hotel-like rate, too. lol.

Girlash said...

I know what you mean hehe Thankfully, our healthcare provider takes care of all our bills :)