Thursday, September 23, 2010

September milestone

I biked last weekend and it was a milestone.  I usually bike along an uphill route going to one posh village from our humble village.  Total bike time take an average of 40 mins - from our gate.  Last weekend, I had the best time.  It only took me 27 minutes!  I'm so proud of that time.

Biker me! haha

And then I biked a bit further to this tree-lined street.  I recently discovered this road.  My husband find it too boring coz it's just a flat road.  But to me, it's a little taste of home.  I loved biking long the shades, the air's cooler and there aren't a lot of vehicles passing by.

Love this road
It's finally Thursday!  Can't wait to go biking again this weekend :)

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