Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bohol Bee Farm - a must visit place

As promised in my previous post on Bohol, here's the Bohol Bee Farm chica :)

My friend highly recommended Bohol Bee Farm, so much so it topped my list of "must visit" places in Bohol.  We didn't stay overnight though, only went over for lunch and a quick tour.  We got hurt hiring a van the previous day, so we just hired a tricycle to bring us to the farm.  I imagined our ride to be hot and extremely bumpy.  It was bumpy indeed, but hot it was not.  We travelled through an island surrounded with trees, which made it a cool ride.  Cool enough to almost lull me to sleep LOL

Anyhoo, we arrived there at around 11am, and so headed straight to the resto.

This sight welcomed us

The menu was all organic and pricey, but were said to be great healthy food.

We tried the spicy Salad

This is the Spicy Salad... and yes, the flowers are edible

This is the "Halang Halang" soup.  Which literally translates to "Hot Hot" soup.
It was hot and yummy!

The next few pictures are of our meal - and only have one description : YUMMY! :)

It's called Pizza bread - the little one's meal.  He didn't eat the flowers though... it was too much for a 4 year old.
He did eat the whole thing, and said "It's yummy!"

Grilled Squid was my meal.  It was so (yes!) yummy and filling.

This was Mama's and Hubs' lunch - Grilled fish.

We got a tour and saw the organic plants

What's a Bee Farm without the Bees?

The highlight (to me) is Bohol Bee Farm's home made ice cream!  So yummy!


mai said...

i want to visit this place.. =) badly.. three attempts already.. i hope i will be successful next month.

thank you for sharing.

Girlash said...

Visit it! I think you'll love it, knowing that you're into healthy stuff :)