Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy kind of change

One early Sunday with my boys
Last Sunday, I went to the mall. Alone.  To gather my thoughts and also do a bit of shopping.  My Mom gave me an advance birthday gift you see, so I had money to burn LOL 

I wanted to spend the whole day, well, until about 6pm at the mall.  But I found myself checking the hour every so often, which was no easy feat as I didn't have a watch or a cellphone on me.  Yes, it was the kind of day when I just wanted to disapper and disconnect from others.  Anyway, back to time checking.  I had to ask strangers for the time, or glance at other people's watches.  Some might have thought that I was a pick pocket for watches LOL

7 years ago, it would've been splendid to spend my whole Sunday at the mall.  I would've found so many things to do to entertain myself.  Sat down in a cafe, drank coffee and read a book.  Had a meal.  Watched a movie.  Went shopping or window shopping.  Met up with friends.

But now, I just keep thinking, how lonely it was in the mall.  I keep noticing parents with their kids in tow.  Specially parents with toddlers/pre-schoolers.  I can see the parents' frustration at times and stress too.  And I also see how happy they are to spend the day with their kids and husbands/wives.

I had to go home as fast as I could... to be with my own family, my own pre-schooler and own hubby.  Life has changed.  It's a happy kind of change.  It's a change that fills up my heart with warmth.


mai said...

happy kind of change indeed. i think as we grow older and wiser, we choose things that gratify our hearts longer.

when is your birthday?

Girlash said...

I had by birthday yesterday :)

Ayie said...

we share the same emotions! am also a mom of two kids and it's really not the same feeling when they're not around.

by the way, saw your message on my chat box..thanks for dropping by my site. hope you could find some time to follow me.. already followed you! :)