Friday, September 10, 2010

A rather productive holiday

As I said yesterday, I needed to work today.  I was at the office from 10am to 1:30pm, so it wasn't that bad.  But traffic on the SLEX going home was bad.  Boo SLEX!  I arrived home at 3pm.  When I got home, the little one was not taking his nap, so I got right down to business and napped with him LOL

Woke up at 5:30pm to a very humid afternoon.  The kind that is usually followed by rain.  And it did rain around 8pm.  I worried a bit coz both my sisters are still out and have responded to my texts. 

Before dinner, I searched for our Marriage Certificate from our church wedding.  And successfully found it.  We're off to get the little one's baptismal certicate, a requirement for big school next year.

Since it's the "ber" months, I decided to create personalized gifts tags this year.  I know, pretty early, but the next few months are expected to be extremely hectic - with the pending move, peak at work, trips and yes, Christmas parties.  So this is a good time to do the tags.

Thanks to SM Advantage!
Oh, decided to finally buy a rice cooker since our last one conked out a few months back. I just realized it's almost been a year since we had a rice cooker. Not that we didn't have the budget, I just didn't feel like buying an item that's going to die an early death. Anyway, so finally bought one, and because of my love for cards which earn points, only paid PhP279 for the rice cooker. Seriously! That my friends, is a great buy!

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