Monday, July 02, 2012

A day in my old playground

I had to work overnight on Friday so I decided to stay over in a Makati hotel for that night.  I didn't want to sleep alone so I asked my boys to accompany me.  Gladly, since it involved a hotel stay, they obliged :)

Surrending to a whole day of mall fun

The next Saturday, we spent the entire day at Greenbelt.  It was an easy breezy day. Well, it wasn't exactly breezy as it was rainy.  Anyhoo, I've mentioned somewhere before that we don't normally spend weekends at the mall.  So this was a treat for all of us.  We tried to get tickets to the Amazing Spiderman in Greenbelt 3, but all we're fully booked up to the last show.  The little one really couldn't wait to watch it, so we tried at Greenbelt 1 and fortunately they still had seats.  We got Wendy's burgers for lunch inside the movie house. 

Spiderman was good :)  I loved Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield together.  Although it had few action scenes and was a bit on the emo side, as the Hubby said, I still loved it. LOL!  Maybe bcoz it was on the emo side that's why I loved it HA!

After the movie, we then went around the mall where most of the shops were on sale.  I went to Mango but my boys got bored, so I didn't have time to really check out the stuff.  But we got a pair of shorts for the little one at F&X, which is also a Bench company hence points with my Bench card.  Yay! haha

An old favorite of mine and the little one loved the hummus with the pita bread! :)

Turkish salad at Cafe Med - tomatoes, while cheese and olive oil.  Yum!
We then had late merienda at one of my mine and Hubby's fav - Cafe Med.  We had the hummus, Turkish Salad and the Chicken Kebab.  Although I totally forgot to take a pic of the Kebab as I was too busy stuffing myself with food :D 

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