Sunday, March 01, 2009

City's gate

While in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago, we stayed at a friend’s place for just a night before flying back to Manila. My friend’s place is very near the City Gate mall at the last exit of the Tung Chung MTR line. It’s an outlet mall, much like the mall or stores in my dear Sta Rosa. City Gate had the best European stores, with wonderfully discounted stuff.

They had Burberry, Samsonite, Seven Jeans. Of course what would be an a mall in HK without Giordano, right? There were a few more stores but we didn’t have time to go into each as we arrived quite late on Valentines day no less.

We did spend time in Samsonite as I was looking for a nice enough hand carry luggage. The prices were superbly low. There was a spinner luggage, not quite the hand carry size though, at only about HK$1k (equivalent to PhP6k). Not bad for a Samsonite, right?

They also carried this really nice set of vintage luggage, in red mind you! Not just a favorite color of mine, but it’s the second to green. I know, too Christmassy, I’ve realized. Anyway, I did drool over that retro-style set. A bit on the pricey side, at about HK$3k (PhP 18k), but again, it’s a Samsonite. If you're curious about the vintage bag go to: )

The Samsonite shop had Lacoste hand bags as well. Quite cheap compared to hand bags here in the Philippines. There was this amazingly brown hand bag, the size was just my size. Not on sale, it was about HK$2.5k but it was on sale, it was only HK$1.2k. I soooo wanted to get it, problem was I didn’t have HK$1k, only had the HK$200 LOL

Our second to the last stop was the Seven Jeans. Here at home, a Seven Jeans costs about PhP7k at the least. I tried it once in Rustan’s and it does have a great fit. I have trouble buying jeans with Filipino sizes coz I have a big butt, bigger than the average Filipino butt :P I only now own about 4 jeans in my closet and about 2 need to retire soon. Hence the search for good fitting jeans.

When we went to Seven Jeans. I saw a size that might have fit me, so off I went to the dressing room. And waddayaknow?! It was a perfect fit!!! Alleluya!!! The best part is, it was only for HK$120, from the original price of HK$890. I kid you not. It was one sale, only for the day. I loved it so much, I wore it the next day without washing it. That was the best part of my trip :)

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