Friday, March 13, 2009

To be remembered

We were at this annual awarding ceremony in Hong Kong middle of February. It was mainly for our clients, for firms who did the best deals in 2008. I didn’t particularly like going this year coz I had an old dress, which I already wore to that same event 5 years ago. I also didn’t know what to do with my hair. It was just all over the place, all dry and I had a few white hair sticking out. I seriously needed to get to a salon for a quick hair treatment or color, but I didn’t have time because of my son’s 2 parties. And it was too expensive, my hubs and I vowed to seriously start saving.

But I had to go, my boss fought tooth and nail for me and M, another colleague, to go. So off we went. Standing next to my friend M, I felt all crumpled and old inside. She was wearing this nice new dress, and her hair was put up and looked wonderful. I felt so out of place that I didn’t even take a picture. Totally blah. And if you know me, you won’t totally believe that I was thinking and feeling bad of how I look. Not that I’m super vain, but I just never really cared much about what people thought of me. As long as I feel good about myself, I couldn’t care less about what others thought.

Anyway, that was until our tablemates talked to us. This sales guy, who M and I both met last year for a quick training, remembered me specifically. He somehow totally forgot about M. And then I saw our other colleagues, who really made it a point to come by our table and give us the European beso J You know, the both cheeks beso? That kind. So I was only too happy to mingle again and say hi to my contacts who where there. We also spoke to our old boss, and she’s a great lady, and she commended who good we looked. I only had 30 minutes sleep the night before, but she it didn’t show.

So I got my groove back that night. Thanks to over flowing red wine, I suppose. J It’s nice to be remembered, to be thought highly of, to be missed. It gave me the needed boost to reconnect old ties and make new ones.

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