Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpedtedly nice Saturday

It’s 10:40pm on Saturday night. Here I am typing away beside my sleeping little bugoy. He has been sleeping since 7pm, as a result of refusing his afternoon nap. We were invited to a first birthday party of the hub’s office friend. The party was to start at 3pm so we planned to have the boy take his nap first, to avoid tantrums. But when the hubs and I are home, the little tyke isn’t too keen on sleeping. So ended up not going, and I had the gift ready, bought and wrapped at Rustan’s yesterday. The hubs will just hand it over on Monday.

The whole week, I was so looking forward to getting a haircut. I don’t really know how to care for my hair, to be honest. I just shampoo, sometimes I also condition. Comb the hair after taking a shower. And hardly, hardly ever comb or brush it throughout the day. I swear. I just don’t care of my hair is out of place, which it usually is. I end up putting it up in a ponytail much of the time, but it gives me really bad headaches afterwards. The solution? Short, easy to manage hair. The hubs however, doesn’t like short hair. On me. I finally got his agreement for my haircut a couple of weeks back. I planned today as haircut day as soon as he said yes. Hubs and I had a little tiff before I drove to my favorite salon, but I had to get a haircut. A haircut or else. Guess what happened? The salon was closed :( Bummer. I got a foot spa and a pedicure from another parlor instead. The haircut will just have to wait.

I invited my sister to go with me to the salon. She badly needed a pedicure. I cringe every time I look at her toes! Super hideous to say the least LOL I told her it would be the best P120 investment she can ever spend. Anyway, she got nipped too close to the skin and got a wound. The blood wouldn’t clot, so we just went home and washed it and put on Teramycin. She’s not too traumatized, I hope. As long as her toes are clean :)

Finally able to buy a two-burner gas stove! Hurray for us! J We only have a one burner and we’ve always planned on getting a two-burner. We always forget or some other pressing matters come up. Excuses excuses, I know :) Oh, the grand plans we have! I should remember to ask the hubs (nicely of course!), to set it up tomorrow. Wish me luck! LOL

With the little one asleep early, I had a lot of time in my hands after dinner. I decided to be nice and gave the hubs my version of a foot spa with semi-pedicure. He’s a really lucky husband :) My friends gave me this foot spa foot soak thingy and haven’t used it yet. Tonight was a test run, with hubs as the willing guinea pig. Turned out to be a really good foot spa, as I got a kiss when I was done :)

I also was able to catch a bit of American Idol reruns on StarWorld (thanks so much for the re-runs!). Still loving it. And I watched Maalala Mo Kaya too. Eugene Domingo has never failed. She’s one great actress, funny and true.

Before deciding to go to bed beside the little boy, I just had to do something for my hair. And I had the perfect idea. I got a Pantene 3-minute intense conditioner free with the Oil of Olay moisturizer. I got to say, I’m loving Pantene 3-minute conditioner!!! I’m imagining great hair days from this day forward :)

Although 2 plans didn’t pan out: no party, no haircut. But I got a lot more of my day instead. Time with my hubs, my son, my sister. Time to do things I always planned to do but just never got around to doing it. Again I realized, God really has the perfect plan for you. Even when you think and feel things are not going your way, you’d be surprised at how things turn out. Case in point: today for me, was unexpedtly nice :)

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