Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs of the times

No coffee and tissue paper in the office pantry.

Not a lot of people buying stuff at the other building's tiangge.

A lot more people bringing in baon/food for lunch at the office.

No one goes out for lunch anymore. Nor dinner.

No more daily Starbucks coffee, but more Nescafe.

No more new summer handbag for me... I'd have to re-use my old summer handbag.

No annual summer outing arranged by the office...

And for the first time 10 in ten years, I got the lowest merit increase this year.

I'm not complaining though, at least there is still work. In the scheme of things, we are still blessed.

We'll just have to pray for others and their families who lost work and can't find any new job for now.

When it gets this low, there's really no way to o but up. We need to believe that.

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