Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Couple Tag

Got the below from Kaith's blog http://kaithuninterrupted.blogspot.com/ I liked it so I'm self-tagging hehe!

It's about you and your significant other, call it wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, domestic partner, your dog (if it makes you feel that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.).We want to know part of your story! So read mine and answer yours as well!

***What are your middle names?
His is Pahuyo, mine is Causon

***How long have you been together?
4 years this April

***How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Since we were 3 feet tall. He was neighbors with my cousins and grandparents. So every summer, I'm there. We saw each other in the playground, in church. When he graduated in college, he came to Manila to work and looked for me hahaha! That was 1999... and the rest as they say is history :)

***Who asked whom out?
He did, to watch a PBA game. I had no clue about PBA, I was an NBA fan.

***How old are each of you?
He's a year older, 32 now. And I'm 31 (eeeeeps!!! We're freakin' old! LOL)

***Whose siblings do you see the most?
Mine coz my younger sister lives with us.

***Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
oh, a lot. But seeing him lose his Mom though was the hardest coz I couldn't do anything about his grief. I could only support him through it.

***Did you go to the same school?
Nope. He went to Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan from high school to college. I went to Corpus Christi and then UP.

***Are you from the same home town?
Nope. He's a city boy. I'm a provincial lass.

***Who is smarter?
:) IQ-wise, he is. He's top 11 of the Mechanical Eng'g board exams. EQ-wise, I am :) I think hehe

***Who is the most sensitive?
He is. But he's no cry baby. I'm more insensitive about things that I say...but I cry a lot! LOL

***Where do you eat out most as a couple?
We like sugba and ihaw a lot. Mostly Filipino food.

***Where is the farthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

***Who has the worst temper?
I'm pikon, he's not. But when he get angry, he is very scary.

***Who does the cooking?
The yaya mostly. On weekends, when we like to have good food, the hubs does. He does a mean sisig! I'm still trying to learn how to cook hehe So girls, don't believe when they say that you can't get married until you learn how to cook! LOL

***Who is the neat-freak?
I am. When I saw his room for the first time, I wanted to clean it up before we got down to business hehe

***Who hogs the bed?
He does. I only get a teeny weeny bit of sleeping space lol

***Who wakes up earlier?
Me mostly.

***Where was your first date?
At the Ultra, to watch PBA

***Who is more jealous?
I'm not sure. Maybe he is. I'm not jealous type...I think

***How long did it take to get serious?
Pretty quick when we decided to be together.

***Who eats more?
He does on the whole. But I like eating little snacks :)

***Who does the laundry?
The Yaya. But on days when we don't have a yaya, it's me. Hey, we have to share chores. He cooks, while I wash

***Who's better with the computer?
Him. But I type waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than he does.

***Who drives when you are together?
Mostly he does. But when I work from home and we pick him up from work, I do.

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Kaith said...

nakilig ko sa part where he looked for you gyud after graduation. hehe. meaning, you're really meant to be. :)