Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fishy blooper

The fishes happily swimming

We saw a man selling colorful fishes inside clear plastic bags along the airport road in NAIA. The little one loved it so we decided to buy it, his first pet. The sales guy told us they would survive in fresh water...until we went to buy a fish bowl at the pet shop near our home. Much to our surprise, the owner/manager said they were salt water fish! We had to buy a 5 gallon water tank, stuff that goes with it and get salt water. We could mix fresh water the salt solution to get salt water, but we thought we'd just get real sea water.

The nearest beach is Lian, Batangas and we headed there on a Saturday afternoon. Travel time was roughly two hours one way - 4 hours total. And we only stayed in the beach for 2 and a half hours. We had enough time to swim a bit, grill fish, pork and hotdog for dinner, witness the beautiful sunset, and get about 12 galloons of sea water. And then we drove back home.

ICU Rm 1

Worried that we would be too late for the fishes, we hurriedly packed our things after dinner. Thankfully, when we got home, all of them were still swimming. Although one was swimming on his/her side and another one was slightly tipping over. Quickly, the tank was prepared and then the healthy fishes were moved there and we isolated the other two "sick" fishes... each inside his/her container - which we called the ICU lol

Upon waking up, we all checked on the fishes first. The ones on the tanks were happily swimming away. And the two on the ICU are both fine. Yay! Now let's wait for another week to see if they all survive.. :)

ICU Rm 2

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