Friday, January 15, 2010

Gifts I love

One yummy Christmas cuppy from a friend

I received a few gifts from family and friends last Christmas and though I always appreciate the little things given to me, I specially love a few.

Topping the list is a pajama set from my eldest cousin, Ate V.  And no, not Ate V the star for seasons and the governor of Batangas. LOL  It's nothing fancy, just a set of pajama but I do love pajamas, I could live on them.  In fact, when I was in high school and college, pajamas were my favorite get-up on weekends.  Reading books in my pajamas.  Now that's how books should be read :)

Then my closest friend from the office, M, gave ma a mirror.  Not a pocket mirror but a full-length wall mirror for our house.  M gives the most thoughtful gifts but this one is thoughtfulness to the max! :)  I've been telling her that our wall mirror was broken, and so we don't have a decent mirror at home.  I was actually asking the hubs to give me a mirror for Christmas, but M made it first :)

And then my parents gave us a lava lamp.  I super love it!  I've been planning on getting a lamp for our room, something I can use when my boys are sleeping.  Though the lamp isn't great for reading, it'll work and it's quite pretty.  Too pretty that I logged it from Cagayan de Oro to here, fearing that it might break.  Thankfully it arrived in one piece.

Other things I loved was my Coach key chain from my boss.  I don't carry keys at all, so I used it as a chain for my green wallet.  Then I got bag holder, the one you can hang on a table.  I even got 2! Means they know I love bags! haha:)  Another sweet thing I got was a nail cutter from an office.. and the history here is that I always get hang nails and would usually borrow her nail cutter :)

What about you?  What gifts do you like?

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