Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seeing red

I've been tagged by Kaith.this particular tag requires you to: 1) list down seven red things that can be found in your home and 2) tag seven people to do the same.

A must have at our home.  The little one can't eat without this.

Pepper shaker

My 4 year old Havs.  Please don't mind the scruffy feet :D

2009 Olympics souvenir

The little one's go kart

Our ever trusty digital thermometer

Ang kape.


Kaith said...

Oh, I like your red choices! I like that red pair of havs. Unfortunately, my feet don't seem to look too pretty in them. Hehe.

Girlash said...

Thanks Kaith :) My feet don't look good in my red havs pud no hehe