Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What a December!

The little one by my cousin's huge Christmas tree

To say that I had a hectic last month of the year is an understatement. December started with the visit of my parents in our home. Had to coordinate airport pick-up with less than 2 hours intervals, my Dad came from Qatar and my Mom from Cagayan de Oro. It would have been easy, but they both came on our coding day. But I survived that and then had to hop on a plane myself to attend a really busy work week in HK. This one I barely survived. I had thought that my last business trip was busy, the December trip though, by far is the busiest on record. I was dizzy most of the time, maybe because of the stress… and it was the first time I met my boss’ boss’ boss. We spoke on the phone all the time before, but first time face to face meetings are still unnerving.

We had initially planned for the hubs and our little one to follow, good thing they didn’t coz all I did after work was sleep. My mom still went with me to HK so we stayed over the weekend to go to Macau. Macau was wonderful at night and for short trips. I can’t imagine staying longer than 3 days there… It felt more like home since Filipinos were everywhere. Literally! We saw about 3 Filipino stores on one street.

When I got back, it was all work again and parties everywhere. I missed my hub’s company party, which was a treat last year. I was able to attend our company’s party, a surprisingly nice one too. Then I attended parties are friends’ and hub’s friends and my son’s school party. It was all a slur of parties for 2 weeks until we all hopped on the plane on the 23rd to go home to Cagayan de Oro.

Arriving in Cagayan meant parties still. Parties with my Mom’s family, then my Dad’s, then of course spending time with the hub’s family and relatives. I only was able to meet-up with one friend… Cagayan meant spending time with family. The little one had a blast reacquainting with cousins and playing with them. He can never forget how much fun he had and what they did. It was a joy to see him enjoy being surrounded by cousins, he doesn’t have cousins here in Manila.

A wonderful, busy and stressful December. Good thing I had done my Christmas shopping way early in October. If I had to do my shopping in December, I would’ve crumbled into pieces! Now, I’m back at work (but at home), Christmas decorations in storage, pictures aplenty (which needs uploading in FB!) and millions of little pieces of wonderful memories of the holidays. Now on to make 2010 a prosperous, glorious year :)

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