Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weaning myself

The past months/year, I've been hooked on a couple of things which I'd like to get away from:  Facebook and the Blackberry.  I'm always on Facebook, like the moment I sit on the bus or the shuttle on the way to the office, I'd open Facebook on my Blackberry and check what my friends have been up to while I was sleeping.  And then when I get to the office, after going through my emails, I'd open facebook and check on the albums.  When I get bored or loose my interest in work, I go to facebook.  Bad, huh?  So this year, I've resolved to check facebook less.  Starting with just opening twice a day and then eventually just once a day.

Blackberry.  Is both a source of happiness and pain.  Back in 2006, after I gave birth, I was handed a blackberry by my boss so it'll help me manage emails while on the road.  And it did just that, I was able to respond to emails while I was on the road and managed my workload once I got to the office, as I already knew which emails were urgent and which weren't.  But then it also somehow slowly took over my life, like when I'm home already, and I'd suddenly receive an email from our offices in NY or London, I would itch to respond to it... sometimes get stressed over it.  The email would be the last thing on my mind after I drift off to sleep and the first thing when I wake up... not good.  So now, I am really bent on not to check my blackberry after 9pm.  And to do that, I already turned off the blinking red light and got myself another cell phone to use when calling family.  It's still a struggle though, I still instinctively reach out for my blackberry on some nights.  I do think thought that every addiction requires a bit of weaning time.  Wish me luck! :D


Siegfried said...

good for you! i dont have facebook nor blackberry, but my wife has an fb account and i can see how often she checks on it... even moreso now after i gave her an iphone for christmas!

Girlash said...

Good luck to your wife then...fb can get quite addicting :)