Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishing well

I find myself wishing for a few things this past few days:
  1. Wishing for more time to sleep and recharge.  For the past two days, I didn't wake up to my alarm! And hence missed my ride :(  When before, I even wake up ahead of my alarm.  Guess I'm really tired.
  2. Wishing for time away from the office.  To spend time with my little one.  To watch Sherlock Holmes with the hubs.  To chicka with my mommy friends.  To read a good book.  To organize my things.  To de-clutter our house.  To plan my son's 4th birthday.  To really do research on that business thing.
  3. Wishing for a trip, hopefully at the beach.  Bohol would be great.  Cebu too.  I can even do Batangas.
  4. Wishing I had a lot of money so I can invite all our friends to my son's birthday party.  And also enough money to start a business and build our house.  At the same time.
I guess, I'm just tired.  Maybe tired from the holidays, our trip home and from thinking about that house or business venture.  I'll try a pedi tomorrow - usually a sure pick-me-up trick.  Let's see.


Mai.Mai said...

Cebu would be great... =) then travel to Bohol from here.

Happy New Year.

Girlash said...

Hi Mai! Happy New Year too! Yes, Cebu then supercat to Bohol, right? I did that years ago with my family. There's a Seat Sale ra be at Cebupac....