Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fifty + +

Heard about the book Fifty Shades of Grey from my bestie.  She still lives in Cagayan de Oro and comes to Manila once in a while, and when she does, we always make it a point to catch up.  And one of our favorite topics is books, specifically, what we were each reading.  She has the most interesting reading list even way back in High School - from science fiction, fantasy stuff and thrillers.  I was more into love stories (Sweet Dreams), then adult love stories.  It was only in college that I started reading into science fiction, fantasy, action books.  But I still read a lot of chick lits to satisfy my chick soul. :D

She introduced me to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Googled the book the minute I got home.  Found a lot of people blogging, tweeting and talking about it.  So I downloaded the trilogy that very same night, and I've been shackled since the flipped on the first page :P

Christian Grey is so easy to like and then love haha!  Of course it turned out to be a love story, but a cute one nonetheless.  My college friend calls it Mommy-porn, which I must agree that it is.  I'm not the only one who's enjoyed it too.  The hubby has been very happy since I've read the books haha

There are talks of a movie in the making.  I'm sure the movie's going to be changed coz if they follow the books up to the very minute details, it's going to be edited a lot.  And I saw somewhere in twitter that it's going to be Matt Bomer of the White Collar fame to play Christian Grey.  I think he can totally pull if off too.  Although in my head, I somehow imagined Christian Grey as Ian Somelholder or Ryan Gosling.

Laters, baby :D

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