Friday, July 06, 2012

Of crowns and dragons

I'm a Queen, not a Princess.

Loved Game of Thrones Season 1 from the first season.  No, make that, LOVE Game of Thrones.  Watched Season 1 in a span of 2 days, almost non-stop, except to eat, toilet breaks and sleep.  I hated when they killed Eddard.  My favorite characters are Eddard and  Jon Snow in Season 1.

Reading list in iBooks
While waiting for Season 2, I started reading the book.  And then book 2 - A Clash of Kings and book 3 - A Storm of Swords.  After a long wait, finally, Season 2 started.  I was reading A Storm of Swords already while watching for Season 2.  So there would be instances when I get confused - like I wasn't sure if I read the scene or watched it LOL  Enjoyed Season 2's ending.  And my favorites are Sam, Brienne, Arya and Daeny.

I'm now reading book 4 - A Feast for Crows.  And playing DragonVale while waiting for Season 3.  I'm a new dragon lover.  I wanna have this adorable little figurine I saw at a store :)  Too cute!

I want.  Perfect for my desk.


Pinay New Yorker said...

I'm completely addicted to the series myself, but haven't been too good about reading so I'm still crawling through Book 3. Notice the overlap in the series? Season 2 sees Books II and III somehow flowing into each other.. Oops.. Spoiler!


Girlash said...
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Girlash said...

Oh yeah, noticed that there was overlap between Book 2 and 3 :) It's all good since I'm now in Book 4. Long wait for Season 3!

Btw - I'm kilig that you read my blog hehe