Tuesday, July 03, 2012

So apparently....

Cibo dinner: tomato soup, spinach with bread and salmon with caviar pizza
.... at 34, I learned I'm allergic to dust, pollen and well, rain haha
.... bcoz of which, I can't eat a lot of food - allergens mainly: nuts, junk food, spicy food.  And others I didn't care to remember LOL
.... so what's up with ladies, it-bags and living the high life?  Read here. I'm a self-confessed bag addict, but I only buy bags I can afford (euphemism for SALE! LOL).  And even when they're on sale, I still have a price ceiling.  It's hard earned money, I refuse to just spend it on one thing.
.... speaking of addiction, I now find myself starting to like shoes as well. OH NO - says the Hubby :P
.... the picture was taken last Monday night.  I met up with my UP college girls for dinner and tea.  Yes, we're soshal like dut haha
.... so nice to spend time with my girls.  It's so comfy and cozy, it's like wearing your old PJs to sleep.  Yes, the butas-butas and threadbare one :) 
..... Don't you just love gurlfriends? They're one of the best things in life.  Next to, well, sleeping in your old PJs :D

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